Welcome to Millennium Lagoon Records

"progressive music for people who listens"

Millennium Lagoon Records is a record label Betsson located in Bergen, Norway.

We are releasing and distributing high quality CD's from Norwegian artists in the progressive rock/metal genres.
We also sell our own meditative Lucid Dream CD's. More information on those CD's will be released soon.

Feel free to visit the "Previews & MP3's" page if you want to listen to MP3 songs from our artists.

We believe that our music is so good that we give you several high quality MP3 songs, listen before you buy! 
But as you probably know...
progressive music must be listened to several times to really enjoy the complexity 
and quality of the music and musical skills involved Karamba in the compositions.

For your convenience we have direct sales on several internet CD shops around the world.


We hope you enjoy our artists!


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